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Welcome to Full Bore.

Full Bore offers rebuilt Sea Doo engines, rebuilt Yamaha pwc engines, cylinder boring, resleeving, and complete top end rebuild kits.

Piston kits, cylinder boring, resleeving, and complete top end rebuild kits for 2 stroke PWC, ATV and snowmobiles. 

Take the guess work out of rebuilding your top end with our top end rebuild kits. 

Everything you need to rebuild your top end including your cylinders bored.

Here at full bore we can build you a top end rebuild kit for almost anything with a boreable cylinder.

We get our pistons directly from the manufacturer eliminating the middle man. Carrying only quality name brand pistons including Wiseco, Pro X, WSM and Wossner.

Don't mess around! get it done right! Get it done at Full Bore!!!

Exciting things happening here.

We have been testing and very are happy with our latest version of our (951) 1000cc signature series engine build. We will be offering the porting and the crankcase porting on the website ASAP. already a few out there and we just need to get it on the website.

The complete build is already available in one package exactly as we run it in our personal ski. here.

Signature Series 951/1000cc

Cylinder boring, piston and top end kits.

Take the guess work out of rebuilding your top end with our top end rebuild kits. 

Everything you need to rebuild your top end.  

Full Bore top end kits are returned to you with everything needed for your top end rebuild, including Your cylinders bored to the next available piston size.  pistons, rings, pins, bearings, circlips, head gasket, base gasket, exhaust gaskets and any other gaskets that come in a top end gasket set for your model.

951 top end

All work is guaranteed!!!

The kit is returned to you with everything needed for your top end rebuild

All cylinder work is done here at Full Bore

Cylinder boring, resleeving and complete top end rebuild kits for Sea Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Polaris PWC.

Find your engine size on the link bar on left hand side of screen.

 Our top end rebuild kits include everything needed for your top end rebuild.

  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Gaskets
  • Circlips
  • Upper bearings
  • Wrist Pins
  • Your cylinders bored to fit.

Boring a cylinder needs attention to detail, if it is going to be done right.  Here at Full Bore we take every precaution to make sure it is right and will custom size to what your needs are. Our strict quality control policy ensures specifications will be met. The cylinder is bored, sized, and followed by a three stage chamfer to ease the rings back in and increase engine life, and final hone for the proper cross hatch and finish.

cylinder being bored

Full Bore Platinum pwc engine rebuild .

The difference Is the attention to detail and the Quality of the parts. 

These aren't SBT remans and we don't and won't use SBT parts in anything we do.

Take pride in your ride with our Platinum rebuilds.

Our platinum engine rotates easier and produces less friction. This results in less heat, less drag, and more Horse Power, while increasing the dependability.

All of our engines are built to last and we stand behind them, with a warranty on parts and craftsmanship. Our Platinum engine rebuild now comes with a 2 year warranty. 


Engine rebuild kits.

Need more than a top end kit but don’t have the time for Full Bore to do the complete rebuild and don’t want hackmasters with false claims and shoddy work doing it.  This might be the Ideal solution for you.

The hard part for the guy at home to do a "QUALITY" engine rebuild is getting a good crankshaft and cylinder boring that is even close to acceptable .  We eliminate these problems with this kit.

  We bore your cylinders to match new pistons. Currently offering kit's with WSM platinum Pro X Wiseco or Wossner pistons. Your rave valves (when applicable) are trimmed for clearance. Your cylinders are returned with new pistons, a complete gasket set which includes crank seals, and a brand new (not rebuilt) crankshaft.

If you send your old piston and spark plug, we can usually tell you what caused the failure so you can keep this from happening again

Please note old pistons and spark plug will be disposed of and not returned.

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