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Questions (F.A.Q.) and answers.

Q. I don’t have a printer or made payment from my phone or tablet.

A. Include the following to avoid delays.

After making payment for service.

Print a copy of the receipt and put it in the box with your cylinders.  If you can’t print your receipt include the following to avoid delays:

Name on the payment.  This is what we work off of so this is very important.

Contact name

Daytime contact phone number

Email address.

Return shipping address. Physical address, no P.O. boxes.

 Description of work requested.

Q. What is the best way to ship my engine?

A. We have a complete web page dedicated to this. Click here for how to ship. 

Q. Do engine rebuilds have a warranty?

A. Yes


Warranty start date is when the engine is returned to customer. 

Platinum & Premium HD engine rebuilds warranty covers defects in Parts and craftsmanship for 2 years unless otherwise stated.  A written copy of the warranty is supplied with engine.

All of our engines are built to last and we stand behind them.

Q. Do I get gaskets to install my rebuilt engine?

A. Yes, all of our engine rebuilds come with the gaskets needed to install.

Core charge

We don't charge a core charge because we are rebuilding your engine.  If part of your engine core isn't rebuildable such as a hole in case we have many core parts in stock and would only charge for what is needed and only after contacting you first.


bad core

 This is NOT a good core.

severely corroded engines may be considered unserviceable!! 

Refund/account credit policy

Due to issues with covid causing parts costs and supply issues to be out of our control (which has caused extended timeframes for return of services) Full bore will offer account credit minus actual return shipping of any customer parts.  This credit can be used at a later time or transferred to another person with your consent.

***no monitory refunds will be given at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.



Engine Break-in.

technical questions.

Removal of ignition flywheel.

Sea Doo 580, 650 and 720 ignition timing.

These and so many more questions can be answered on our tech tips page.

Tech Tips

Contact us

Email us at info@fullboreonline.com

Phone 989-340-1321

9-5 Monday - Thursday

9-4 Friday Eastern time. 

Shipping address (shipping only)

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